Instead of a CV

Born in Upper Austria in 1949. After school and military service I studied medicine, psychology,cultural anthropology and art history.

Worked as a doctor (GP) and anthropologist in Africa, Latin America and Austria.

From 1983 till 2011 I was general practitioner and family physician in the rural community of Poella in Lower Austria.

I love my family, working with patients, music, art, humor, languages and poems.

I like family music and singing, playing the violoncello and other instruments.

I think the bicycle is one of the best and most interesting inventions. By bike you can cover distances three to four times longer than if walking - even with heavy luggage.

My struggles are for health, human rights, disarmament, a stop of deforestation,climate protection and adaptation, vegetarian diet and a sustainable lifestyle including sustainable mobility.


International NGO - functions:

*Since 1996 president of IPPNW - Austria

*accredited representative of IPPNW at UN Vienna

*from1998 till 2002 und  again from 2007 to 2011 chairperson, NGO-cte.-on-peace at UN Vienna

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