Welcome to the website of  Klaus Renoldner, M.D., M.Sc. , Physician, Reasearcher in Sustainable Development, Transport, and Global Health, Lecturer at MODUL University Vienna, Paracelsus Medical University Salzburg, and at the University of Applied Sciences Joanneum.

Member of Club of Rome - Austrian Chapter


WORKSHOPS with the interactive learning game "MOBILITY"

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For more information about Triple Benefit Principle and Mobility Workshops please write to klaus@renoldner.eu


"TRIPLE BENEFIT PRINCIPLE - Can we really live in a sustainable way?" - After successful screenings in Vienna and in Poland, the short film received invitations to film festivals all over the world. It is now available online!

you find it here!

ANNOUNCEMENT: Tue., 20. Nov. 2018, 7 pm: Hauptbücherei 1070 Wien, Urban Loritz Platz : Short Film Premiere "The Triple Benefit Principle - Can we really live in a sustainable way?"

PANEL Discussion with Petra Busswald, Fritz Hinterberger, Helga Kromp-Kolb, Klaus Renoldner, and filmmaker Laura Skocek. MODERATOR Dave Leonard



March 2018: SCIENCO published a Video about Triple Benefit Principle in German:



Vienna Forum Women Education for Peace and Disarmament, July 2016 at VIC Vienna

Over 500 participants attend the Vienna Forum. Klaus Renoldner is speaker of the NGO-cte.-on-peace Vienna. 

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Abstract of Feasibility Study about Triple Benefit Principle

“Is the Triple Benefit Principle a Feasible Instrument for Enhancing Energy Transition in
Industrialized Countries?”
by Klaus Renoldner, June 2014

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MOBILITY WORKSHOPS - sustainability and health, a training in TRIPLE BENEFIT PRINCIPLE for a more sustainable world

Mobility workshops provide basic information about health and prevention, analyze individual behaviour with respect to mobility and nutrition patterns and help to find creative solutions for improvement at the individual as well as at the global level.

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Triple Benefit Principle - Lecture awarded by the Academic Council on the United Nations System, January 2012

The following lecture about the Triple Benefit Principle and the Mobility Workshops held at UN Vienna in January 2012 has been awarded by the Academic Council of the United Nations


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The TRIPLE BENEFIT PRINCIPLE: A doctor’s view on CO2

Read an abstract on a methodology to reduce greenhous gas production rapidly and to move towards a sustainable life-style. Following the principle you have the chance to reach your energy break even point in a few years.

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FAQ about the Triple Benefit Principle

10 most frequently asked questions:

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GENBAKU NOHI Speech 2012

Speech of Dr. Klaus Renoldner at traditional GENBAKU NOHI Celebration in the United Nations Building in Vienna , 8 August 2012

More Information about GENBAKU NOHI

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Lithuania and Latvia Conference Tour June 2010

From June 14th to June 25th I was lecturing in Lithuania and Latvia: The Triple Benefit Principle - Interaction of Life-Style, Climate Change and Health in a Globalized World. Proposals for a more Sustainable World.

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The enormous benefits of cycling for individual and global health

Cycling has preventive effects on almost all typical diseases of modern civilization like cardiovascular diseases, metabolic syndrome,bone and joint diseases,osteoporosis, COPD etc. and at the same time it reduces green house gas and therefore reduces health risks for people in developing countries.

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MOBILITY, the interacive educational game

Now also available in English!
For information mail to klaus@renoldner.eu

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Interaction of Lifestyle, Climate Change and Health in a Globalized World

Presentation at the United Nations Office at Vienna, October 2009

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Austrian Solar Award 2009 for Dr. Klaus Renoldner

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